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A Laughing Matter 
by Emma LeSieur

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A Laughing Matter by Emma LeSieur

Comedy is a powerful force for positivity and inclusivity that brings people together. This workbook teaches young readers about why need comedy, the history and types of comedy, and how to write comedy. For each book bought, we will donate a Comedy Lab kit to a child in need!
A Laughing Matter features:

  • Content perfect for young readers: Workbook is designed for readers ages 6-10.

  • Educational and Entertaining Lessons: Filled with both educational history lessons and hilarious jokes for young comedians to practice, A Laughing Matter provides the best of both worlds.

  • Challenging Activities: A Laughing Matter includes 40+ pages of interactive, hilarious fun. Includes coloring, matching, multiple choice, and other engaging activities, as well as an answer key at the back of the book.

  • Colorful Images: Filled with images, drawing activities, and bright colors to excite young readers.

A Laughing Matter is a wonderful way to teach kids how to find their comedic voice!

Reírse a Carcajada
by Emma LeSieur

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Reírse a Carcajada by Emma LeSieur

Reírse a Carcajada: Un Libro de Actividades is an activity book written in Spanish that will teach readers about comedy: what it is, different types, and how to perform/write it for themselves.

Reírse a Carcajada tiene:

  • Contenido para niños de 6 a 10 años.

  • Actividades educacionales.

  • Chistes

  • Páginas para colorear

  • Y más

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